Goulash Wagon

Home cooked food, best for you!

Incredible Hungarian food with some Viennese flavor. You have got to try them!




  •     Hungarian style vegetable platter with a sour cream dill dip
  •     Seasonal fruit platter with sour cherry yoghurt dip
  •     “Korozott” Farmers cheese spread on rye bread
  •     Seasoned cheese filled green peppers
  •     Seasoned cheese filled  mini tomato baskets
  •     Breaded mini meatballs with mustard paprika sauce
  •     Hungarian cold cut and cheese platter
  •     Breaded Wiener Schnitzel strips with Remoulade sauce
  •     Bite size cheese or bacon biscuit “Pogacsa”
  •     Hortobagyi Palacsinta-thin crepes filled with meat with sour cream paprika sauce


Main Dishes


  •     Chicken Paprikas with nokedli (spatzle)
  •     Beef Paprikas with egg noodles
  •     Pork Paprikas “Porkolt” with Rizi-Bizi rice
  •     Stuffed Cabbage with tomato sauce and smoked sausage 
  •     Stuffed green peppers with parsley potato
  •     Wiener Schnitzel with garlic potato
  • Budapest Schnitzel roasted with peppers, onions, tomato, authentic sausage in its own gravy served on rice
  • “Szegediner Goulash” Pork Paprikas sauerkraut rice casserole
  • “Country Style Goulash” hearty stew with beans and galushka
  • “Stephania Schnitzel” Ground beef slices filled with sausage, hard boiled eggs and mashed potato
  • “Bakony Schnitzel” layered pork loin, mixed vegetables and onion in a sour cream sauce served on rice
  • Home made sausage filled pork tenderloin with scalloped potato
  • ‘’Laci Pecsenye’’ pork loin slices with potato, onion, pepper, tomato, sausage and bacon

with vinaigrette slaw-excellent picnic dish


Vegetarian Dishes


  • Mushroom Goulash with nokedli
  • “Letscho” pepper tomato onion stew with rice or nokedli
  • Cabbage and noodles





  • “Palacsinta” thin crepes filled with apricot and raspberry jam, chocolate hazelnut cream or

sweet vanilla cheese-individual servings or a casserole form topped with whipped cream and warm chocolate sauce

  • Apple strudel with whipped cream and chocolate sauce
  • Any fruit cobbler “Pite”
  • Hungarian cookies-apricot, raspberry, prune
  • “Kifli” Vanilla crescent cookies
  • “Beigli” Poppy seed or Walnut rolls
  • “Gerbaud” slices-apricot, raspberry and walnut layered pastry



  • “Dobosh” cake - $45
  • Hungarian “fancy” apple cake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce - $15
  • Jelly rolls-apricot, raspberry and strawberry 10” - $20
  • Rum butter cream roll 10”  - $20
  • Chocolate cake$30

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